shopping list

Anita is a shopping list that make sense

The only reason to exists of a shopping list app is to beat:

  • A pencil and a paper
  • A notes app

Embrace the fact that a proper shopping list app is just an assisted notes app.

Anita is friction less, you can:

  • Enter your grocery list. Per se this don't beat the pencil and paper, but instead of 2 devices in your hand (pencil and paper) you only have 1 phone/tablet)
  • Consume your list as you are walking in the mall pushing the basket arround. Per se this don't beat the pencil and paper. Is as simple as you check the items in the screen, or update them, or scrach them with the extremme minimum taps/key inputs in the screen.
  • Reuse it in many ways .No need to reenter items you did enter previously. Blows my mind how bad the messy autocomplete are from other apps. This is very simple, autocomplete honors user inputs not random data from random datasources, zones, jargons...
  • Work it together. Update live the list between users, your partner can update it as you buy in the mall

But why another shopping list app?

The world is full of shopping lists apps, full of cool features like receipes, stocks from different groceries stores that may not even apply to your location, random datasets targeting to help you when you are doing the input of the items, very very well founded (I assume based on downloads not active users or returning users)...

But... Do you see anyone using them in the malls?, not a single soul.

I have tried dozens, I have even paid for many of them. I was willing to use one with my partner, invested many hours, I have populate the items, none were simple and/or reliable. The reason none works is because all existing shopping lists apps are inventory and management, full of opinionated friction-prone features, not even close to be better than a paper and a pencil or a simple notes app

Some are terrible when you input the grocery list, or even worst when you reuse the lists in further shoppings. Some are terrible when you try to use them in the mall, stopping you instead of making you flow...

Again, do you see anyone using them in the malls?, not a single soul. Some have millions of downloads...

The app has been developed by Fran Ferri and All rights are reserved.

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Currently in development

Sun 21 June 2020
Sat 27 June 2020 morning iteration
Sat 27 June 2020 afternoon iteration

Sat 27 June 2020 evening iteration