Curriculum Vitae - Résumé


Last: TechLead at

I have +16 years of experience in the software development/crafting, architecture design, scalability and reliability. In those years I’ve been working for private and public companies, military and banking, and sometimes as freelance (in parallel).

I want to remark my focus in agile, kanban, hexagonal architectures and systems design.

Contact information

Feel free to get in touch at my LinkedIn. Just say Hi!

Remarkable professional experience

2021 - Mercadona

Mercadona - Tech Lead

Developing with friends

  • Java/SpringBoot/Hexagonal Architecture/...
Freelance activity - Projects for StartupXplore

INTERCOM project: Developing an integration service to help their Marketing team to consume the information from the production databases in their marketing tools conviniently.

  • Python
  • SQL
  • REST
Freelance activity - RadicalBike

AutoCatalog: I'm in a sabbatical year in 2021, just doing projects for friends when feeling like it, in this ocasion, my local bikes shop needed an upgrade in their website. I have created a set of Scrappers to fill its website catalog.

  • Python


Software Developer Engineer II (SD5) at Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Dublin, Ireland

Hired as Software Developer Engineer II (SD5) in Amazon Web Services (AWS) at Dublin, Ireland

AWS CloudWatch (3 years)

I was involved in CloudWatch, which is a tier 1 service in AWS, basically all Amazon monitoring and its customers (including Governamental, Military, China... around 18 regions (with their partitions (x3)) the moment I left).

Me and the rest of the team (of 6) were responsible of the TSD critical ingestion path. The frontends pass through our ingestion mechanism, where we batched/grouped, partitioned and aggregated the TSD information (map-reduce), till we stored in an in-memory database (similar to redis but build in house by the team).

During this time I have learned top notch skills about scalability, design multi-region systems, devops and I was lucky to work with incredible professionals

Remarkable projects my team (of 6) delivered:

  • Public domain - During 2016-2017 we worked relentlessly to deliver the CloudWatch High-Resolution Custom metrics and alarms
  • Internal - During 2017-2018 I was part of a critical fix of the in-memory database used for the aggregation part of the TSD critical insgestion path. Development was made in C++ and included a cost-based throttling algorithm. Worked hand to hand with principal engineers.
  • Internal - I wrote a paper about fleets of load balancing servers, with the different behaviours behind homogeneous and heterogeneous fleets and solutions to the overassignation of resources to some machines when some specific configurations where used
  • Internal - I was part of the migration of the migration from custom-rotation of DynamoDB tables to the new TTL in the TSD critical ingestion path in all regions.
  • Internal - I was, with another 2 team members, encharged for new architecture and migration of CloudWatch to be able to ingest metrics in a cross-region cross-account manner. During the deployment and operations of the new architecture we had to deal in some of the critical ingestion path components due Split-brain syndrome when the clustered component lost network connectivity.

Main stack

  • Java
  • C++
  • DevOps
  • Networking
  • Time Series Data
  • Map-Reduce

AWS EC2 Core (1 year and a half)

I moved to Fleet Management Systems (FMS), and 6 months later the organization was absorved by EC2 Core due its general issues.

I had the opportunity of becoming part of an AWS team that had no experience in deployment conventions, no monitoring of their systems or alarms, o experience in militar regions, had very little experience in scalable systems and followed no development conventions either. Every system or new service was completelly different than the previous one. I had to set conventions in the SRE space

We had during this time a few diferent managers (direct managers and at diferent levels). We had to work in isolation for many months periods because the lack of direction.

I eventually left AWS because of this bizzarre situation.

Remarkable projects my team (of 6) delivered:

  • I had to handle the whole migration of certificates of all legacy Xen Parent hosts of the company. I got support from the main security team and the teams handling the certification rotations. The complexity came since the legacy fleet didn't had a valid certificate in many of the services running on them and there were still ~100.000 hosts (with different services in each case) with certificates about to expire. I had to create a plan and execute it, to replace the wrong certificates without disrupting operations with new root certificates.

Main stack

  • DevOps
  • Networking
  • Java
  • Kotlin
Software Architect at atSistemas

I was involved in some projects, mainly Proyecto Guardia Civil, where we had to unify the tool that is used to handle road tickets, since Guardia Civil and Policía Nacional had 2 different systems. They existent systems were created originally by Accenture in 2004.

The challenge for this project was to move all the coupled business logic from the database (stored procedures) to an hexagonal architecture, plus asses the differences between the 2 platforms, since they diverged years ago and merge them in one.

  • J2EE Architect
  • Oracle


Software Architect at Tektronix Communications (Netscout)

I was involved in the creation of a platform to cut the times that deliveries were taking using company mined big data.

  • Apache Spark
  • J2EE Architect
Software Architect at StartupXplore

I was hired in the early stages of the company to give it a push helping designing and developing the existing platform.

They contact me and hire me recurrently as they need help as Freelance

  • J2EE Architect
  • Groovy
  • Database modeling
  • APIs integrations


VP of Engineering at Shoptimix

I was cofounder of Shoptimix, an online shopping cart with delivery and collection capabilities for UK grocery supermarkets.

During the creation of the company I had to build a very scalable, high-performing, consumer-facing software platform, our scrapers and APIs needed to cover the 8 major UK grocery markets.

I had to develop excellent communication, interpersonal, technical and organisational skills. Strong general programming and infrastructure problem solving skills. Ability to view software from an Architectural and large System perspective.

I had to hire the staff that we needed to get the mission to succeed and design all the software architecture top to bottom.

Applying all aspects of the software lifecycle, including requirements analysis, design, implementation, peer review, testing, integration, configuration management, and troubleshooting.

Direct responsible of documentation at each level of the development process, including requirements, architecture, design, coding and test Proactive nature willing to take initiative and seek challenges in technical areas that usually were completely new.

  • J2EE Architect
  • IT Manager
  • Hiring


Project Manager en Banco Santander

Nuevo Modelo Web para la operativa online de clientes en Brasil

Proyecto en la ciudad financiera de Boadilla del Monte en Madrid, apoyo al departamento UGA (departamentos técnicos y estratégicos del banco) en decisiones de UX y coordinación de la factoría de software contratada (Vector).

  • W3C Accessibility Regulations AAA class for a governamental contracts in Brazil
Project Manager at Genetsis Group (Marketing)

This project started while working in Autentia, Genetsis was a customer of them, they decided to hire me directly as Project Manager.

Proyecto Jo! Qué Como? Para Coca-Cola España

  • Gestión de proyectos
  • PHP 5.2/5.3
  • Oracle 10g/11g


Autentia Real Business Solutions

During my time in the company I was assigned to various development and management projects.

Proyecto para la Fundación Albéniz (SaaS de música clásica)

  • Metodología ágil Scrum
  • Metodología ágil Kanban
  • AppFuse
  • JQuery
  • Prototype
  • Hibernate 2
  • Struts 1
  • Spring Security
  • Tomcat 6

Proyecto para BBVA España (Observatorio de la competencia)

  • Metodología ágil Scrum
  • Metodología ágil Kanban
  • Apache POI 3.6/3.7
  • Generación dinámica de informes PowerPoint y Excel basados en plantillas
  • Apache Tomcat 5.5
  • JDBC
  • Struts 1
  • JQuery

Auditoría de código Telefónica de España (Movistar)

  • Maven
  • Sonar
  • Design Patterns

Desarrollo de módulos para el ERP de Acer España

  • J2EE
  • Scrum
  • Maven
  • JSF
  • Primefaces
  • Metodologías ágiles y procesamiento de ficheros CSVs.

Apoyo a proyectos para Genetsis, Agencia de Marketing (cliente Cocacola España)

  • Codificaicón/encodings en Tomcat
  • Web Sphere 6 y 7
  • REST con Jersey
  • EHCache
  • Hibernate
  • Tiles
  • FreeMaker
  • Struts 2.

Cortal Consors PNB Paribá JBoss - Impartido curso de programación avanzada con JBoss AS 5.1 y 6 para

  • JBoss AS 5.1.0 y 6
  • Arquitectura JMX
  • JNDI
  • Invocaciones remotas (RMI)
  • seguridad mediante dominios de J2EE JAAS
  • EJBs 2x y 3x
  • Colas de mensajes JMS
  • puesta en marcha en producción y tuning de JBoss AS.
Freelance activity - ZK Collaborator at Potix Corporation

Many years collaborating with the ZK framework team. Helping the community as much as it requires, also publishing some articles and translating materials. Check here the publications

Freelance activity - Federación Mecanográfica y Taquigráfica Española

  • I did renew the organization systems and updated their internet strategy and promotions.
Freelance activity - Proyectos para Ashton&Co. Marketing

  • ZK Framework
  • Hibernate
  • Webservices Axis 1 y 2
  • JDom
  • XML Stax
  • Servidores Dell
  • pfSense
  • Windows 2008 Standard
  • Apache Tomcat 6
  • VMware Server 2
  • VMWare Workstation 6
  • NLB Cisco
  • Apache POI 3.6, Excel reports generated using custom templates
Freelance activity - Proyecto galería de arte IRFineArts

  • ZK Framework
  • Hibernate
  • Created a custom CMS for the art galery


Sopra Group, GRID area - Madrid

I was offered to move to Madrid, to one of the most challenging divisions in the company, GRID area, which had a Military client that was not accepting any of my peers from Madrid office, on my arrival I joined Europrop International S.L. & GmBh. as IT Service Manager

I acquired experience or reinforced knowledge in:

  • Gestión de equipos
  • ITIL
  • Citrix
  • VMWare ESX
  • VMWare Infraestructure
  • FW Checkpoint and PointSec encription
  • Symantec Altiris
  • Symantec Endpoint
  • HostMonitor
  • Active Directory
  • WSUS

Among my dutties the following were covered:

• To be the overall responsible for day to day running of all of IT Service Management
• EPI Organisation size: 85 multi-disciple
• Additional communications: multiple sub-contract off-site, off-shore facilities
• To plan, implement and maintain the IT Service plan for the day to day IT Services to the business for all IT systems and applications
• To be the EPI focal point of contact for all IT Service issues with Parent Companies, Subcontractors and other third parties
• To ensure the delivered IT Service is in accordance with EPI security policy, business standards, business continuity driven by business requirements
• To plan, implement and maintain business IT Projects as assigned by the Chief of Information Systems
• To ensure IT Service consistency and compliancy between EPI, it’s Parent Companies and any other
third parties as required
• To deliver the approved IT Service plan within the schedule and allocated budget
• To support the other EPI functions on IT Service issues in discharging their accountabilities in delivering EPI’s contractual requirements
• To support the P, Q&O function members to achieve their accountabilities
• To ensure a viable supply chain for IT service or equipment purchasing, that has a clear and maintained
demand schedule to match the business requirements.
• To contribute to the development and change management of the IT strategy as required
• To create business cases for the purchase of IT services or equipment
• To ensure the correlation between problem, incident, configuration, change and service level management
• To highlight and escalate unresolved issues and/or issues with potential impact upon EPI business to the
Chief of Information Systems
• To compile and maintain IT Service documentation
• To make recommendations to the Chief of Information Systems for cost and IT Service improvements
• To represent the Chief of Information Systems on IT Service issues as required
• To contribute to the IT Systems risk register, providing detailed mitigation plans where required
• To be compliant with the EPI Quality Management System
• When appropriate to manage assigned staff on a day to day basis, providing clear objectives and appraisal
of work carried out, and contributing to career development discussions with the base company (if appropriate).


I joined Sopra Group after they partnered with Jeizer Tech S.L. (the company I was working on at the beginning of the year) and requested experienced developers for ongoing projects, 12 months ahead of the acquisition.

Sopra Group (former Profit, current Sopra Steria) - Valencia

I was assigned to 2 main projects while I started, IT support for Bancaja and software developer at Proyecto de Contadores for Aguas de Valencia company.

During my time working for Aguas de Valencia, I was assigned to Proyecto de Contadores, a J2EE platform to do the meter readings from the water supply. The project was already ongoing and it had lack of developer power to get it done under the signed agreement. For the time I remained in Sopra Group, I was assisting the development of the platform.

I acquired experience or reinforced knowledge in:

  • J2EE
  • Apache tomcat 4
  • PostgresSQL 8.x

During my time in Bancaja I did mostly IT support in the main CPD. I did all kinds of platform migrations (software and hardware), monitoring and executed internal work orders as if I was another Bancaja employee. Also given my software developer background I was included in many C++ development tasks.

2005 - I acquired experience or reinforced knowledge in:

  • VC++
  • Microsoft MFCs
  • VisualBasic 6
  • SQL Server 2000

2006 - I acquired experience or reinforced knowledge in:

  • Microsoft C# .net
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • administración de servidores en CPD de alta disponibilidad Dell y HP
  • Configuraciones RAIDs (1, 0, 5, 10) sobre SAN/NAS
  • Clusters MSCS y NBL en Windows 2003 Server Enterprise
  • Administración de EMC2 NAS and SAS.

2007 - I acquired experience or reinforced knowledge in:

  • Microsoft DFS (Distributed File System) sobre Windows 2003 Enterprise
  • Control de cuotas con Symantec Veritas Exec v5.5
  • Microsoft DFSR (DFS Replication) y Secure Copy.

2008 - I acquired experience or reinforced knowledge in:

  • Willy/Bull Introscope
  • Microsoft ISS (Internet Information Services)
  • AD (Active Directory)
  • DNS (Servicios de nombre de dominio)
  • DHCP
  • MSCS (Microsoft Clusters)
  • NBL (Balanceadores de carga)
  • Clústers de SQL Server 2005 en FailOver y Mirror y WSUS
  • Bancaja Middleware de mensajería SMS redundante a través de Vodafone RedBox, Movistar y colas IBM MQSeries.
Jeizer Tech S.L. (former Servicom 2000)

I was assigned to development tasks in J2EE. I was in charge to develop Dashboard Interface from Jeizer (main monitoring project) with servlets/jsp’s. I had to deal with webservers.

Jeizer was at the time the main monitoring tool for a former bank called Bancaja, and Iberdrola España.

I acquired experience or reinforced knowledge in:

  • Servlets
  • JSP’s
  • Apache Tomcat 4
  • RedHat Enterprise 3 y 4, installation and administration in production environments
  • Oracle 9i
  • Windows 2003 Server
Freelance activity - Europhone 2000

Created a CRUD application to let the employers that carry the installations, to plan in advance, all the required material they need, including the one for the restricted areas while doing major changes in central installations.

  • J2EE
  • JSP2.4
  • Apache Tomcat 4
  • Windows 2003 Server Standard
  • VMWare Server
Freelance activity Viajes Iberia Congresos Valencia

I've developed websites for coming events and conferences. For example the "Critical and emergency congress" during November 2005 or the "Geriatric Rehabilitation national congress" in October 2005

  • PHP 4
  • Apache 1.3


Gestiweb S.L.

Systems administrator and developer, 9 months.

I was responsible for the creation of the CMS (Content Management System) of the company.

I have also developed an osCommerce module, the secure payment gateway for bank “La Caixa” .

I worded extensively implementing W3C Accessibility Regulations AAA class for a governamental contract called “Ciudad Digitales en Avilés”.

I acquired experience or reinforced knowledge in:

  • osCommerce
  • SSL
  • PHP 4
  • Analysis, design (SQL) and administration of databases MySQL 4
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Mambo
  • Drupal
  • Apache
  • Microsoft IIS
  • Networking (Ethernet and Wireless)
Freelance activity - IT support for a small transport company

Installed a WIFI network that was 8km and 14km range between antennas.


DISCOM Technology S.L.

Junior developer, 8 months.

I've joined the department of software at DISCOM Technology SL.

I had to design from the ground up a CRUD application for a local trader/goods importer, stock management.

I was also involved in the development of the company point of sale (TPV).

  • VisualBasic 6
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  • IrDA mediante RS-232.

Given that the company was very small I had to assist customers, for example configuring of their networks, IT maintenance, planning backups of their data and do some remote assistance (via Terminal Server and VNC)

During the months of June and July we got certificated by AENOR in original software quality.

Freelance activity - Brevia S.A./SpunlaceS.A

Bypassed a graphical interface for a brand new machine, the orignial interface required licensing, I've created a program that replaced the original interface, sniffing all the communications of the original intefrace while operating it. I had to use a computer with 2 ports RS-232.

  • Delphi 5
  • Sniffing communication from graphical interfaces to machines over RS-232 (serial port)
  • Visual Basic 6



A 3 months summer job, I was an administrative assistant with the financial team

I've acquired some administrative skills.

Academic background, certifications and courses


  • Infrastructure Architecting on AWS (course version 5.2) and Lab tests (During my time working in CloudWatch at AWS, this training was mandatory for all team members)


  • Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) of Scrum Alliance ( with Xavier Quesada and Ariel Ber


  • Microsoft Enterprise Administrator - Certification Program (MCP), License Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MSITP)
  • Microsoft Server Administrator - Certification Program (MCP), License Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MSITP)


  • Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory - Certification Program (MCP), License Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MSTS)
  • Microsoft Windows Server Network Infrastructure - Certification Program (MCP), License Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MSTS)


  • CFGS DAI (Ciclo formativo de grado superior de Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Informáticas) - Cursado por pruebas libres en IES Miralcamp
  • Microsoft Windows Applications Infrastructure Configuration - Certification Program (MCP), License Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MSTS)
  • Microsoft Configuring Windows - Certification Program (MCP), License Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MSTS)
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MSTS): Configuring Windows Vista Client


  • Developing Microsoft .NET Applications (Visual C# .NET) - Microsoft Official Course 2555: Developing Microsoft .NET Applications (Visual C# .NET) Oriented to SOAP technology and development of WebServices
  • Teams management Microsoft Project
  • Linux (OpenSuse)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • Advanced Programming on J2EE, JDBC, Sockets, Servlets and Graphic interfaces in Java
  • Management teams


  • Developer of Software Applications (MIDlets J2ME, Visual Basic, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, working with sockets with Delphi CLX cross-platform)


  • Postgraduate course (UPV Alcoi): Advanced programming in C language
  • Postgraduate course (UPV Alcoi): ICTs Common Telecommunication Infrastructures at University Polytechnic, Alcoi extension Other courses with no major relevance
  • Postgraduate course (UPV Alcoi): Networks and PC’s interconnections

Publications, written tutorials, taught courses, facilitated katas/coding dojos


Mostly based in Emily Bache katas

With a colleage, while in Dublin (2018-2019) we ran the Software Crafters katas in offices. I was also running some Katas internally in AWS Dublin offices for the CloudWatch organization and later on EC2 Core and cross organization

In my repos you can find many solutions for few katas.

2018 May

RPG Kata (preparation and event) at

2018 Oct

Architectural kata at

2019 April

Guilded Rose Kata at AWS Dublin offices

2019 May

RPG Kata in Amazon at AWS Dublin offices

Genetsis Group (Marketing)


  • Impartido curso de desarrollo de PHP 5.2/5.3/5.4 y metodologías ágiles (PHP, ZendStudio, Subversion, Rest, Apache, Scrum, Kanban, Manifiesto, CodeIgniter, Twitter BootStrap)
  • Impartido curso de desarrollo sobre Wordpress 3.3 Desarrollo de themes, child themes y plugins
Autentia y







Anita Shopping list (exploring Flutter in iOS and Android)
Jekyll themes control plugin

Jekyll plugin for building Jekyll sites using themes stored locally in a folder, not in .gem files, overriding the default behaviour, (the way I like it)


COUP (exploring libgdx capabilities)
SpotMicroAI (3d printing and robotics)

I've created the SpotMicroAI community, handled discord, grouped existing scattered repos, created a base project to control the robot with a bluetooth controller, documented all the process, and initiated in the project a thousands. Community grew beyond my capacity to handle it anymore and others took over and added ROS over the base implementation.


DesktopBuddy, a programable desktop assitant like Spotlight in macOS

DesktopBuddy is a simple app that runs in your taskbar. It let you map any hotkey to any of its preloaded plugins.


Legacy - / Google Code


English, bilingual/professional proficiency

I've been working abroad for many years (at AWS in Dublin for example) where I also had to deal with teams all around the world.

Spanish, native

Catalan/Valencian, native

Residence and Traveling

Current residence Valencia - Spain

Travel disposition