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mobile and online apps

anita, shopping list a shopping list that makes sense

open source
  • jekyll-themes-control I was bored of overriding templates contained in .gem files so I have created a Jekyll plugin to edit your themes locally in _themes folder instead of .gem files
  • simple dashboard, minimalistic dashboard that you can customize coping the source and configure whatever you need to track from stocks, precious metals, crypto. Widgets hijacked from tradingview amazing free widgets.
  • login with the force, sunday morning project fruit of the boredom
coding dojos / katas
During my 4 years in Dublin I have hosted with a colleague the Dublin Software Crafters, some pictures here and here. Also I have facilitated a few katas at work (Amazon) for CloudWatch teams and the internal provisioning team, some pics here and here
spotmicroai robot
Currently I'm managing the SpotMicroAi community

I have continued the original project from Deok-yeon Kim of replicating the SpotMicro Robot from Boston Dynamics published in Thingiverse. Before me, Florian Wilk and others, enabled the first web site and simulation repositories. I have grouped all materials and created the basic build instructions for anybody to join, they are in gitlab, read about it in the spotmicroai project website

The community have docens of electronic engineers, all kind of robotics related engineers, computer scientists, 3d modelers, even similar projects synergies from all arround the world

I was very invested in Elite Dangerous (PS mostly) and I wrote a few pages about it, even created a specialized XBOX super controller to play in PC with an aditional joystic, to have all axis controlled Playing with CERN squadron this days in PS